Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get thee to the Zoo

I love zoos.
I asked for (and got) a membership to the NYC zoos for my birthday. We go to the central park zoo a lot, and now that we're on the Upper West side, I'm hoping to do more visits to the Bronx Zoo, and am so excited to see the aquarium. So, I was sad to read this article about how hard zoos are having it in this economy.

Even if you're not a member, take some time out to visit a zoo near you. If you go now when it's a tad cold, you might have the same luck as NYC momma did when she went.

Last time I went, which was in summer prior to our move to the Upper West Side, I took these pictures with my Cannon G9 (I took a kazillion pictures, but am only going to share a few)

This one below, I altered in Picasa so that the butterfly, which is actually black and white, is sitting on colorful flowers that are just barely seen- just a hint of color.

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