Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Orbeez- they're colorful, slimy, bouncy, and squishy. AKA Fun

These little thingy-ma-jigs are a lot of fun. (If you are playing with them in the right place. Like the balcony.) They're colorful, slimy, bouncy, and squishy - all attributes sure to make them a hit with toddlers.

 I have a few things that are balcony only toys and this set up is one of them. The first time we played with them was in my mom's old place- in the kitchen with tile floors. I would bet the people who bought the house found little colorful specks of indeterminate origin all over...under the fridge, in corners.

These little buggers are hard to keep hold of, easy to squish, and they bounce (a lot). So I was lamenting to our sitter how much Ranger had liked the darn things but how impossible it would be to play with in our apartment. She suggested the balcony. Smart woman.

Ranger calls these "blue orange" because the first time we used them here at home I let him pick two colors and he picked blue and orange. THEN came the hard part- waiting for them to "grow." So he had a solid three or four hours to sing/whine/beg for "blue orange" PLEASE MOMMY!

They start off tiny.

You are supposed to grow each color separately. I didn't follow the directions after the first few batches. It didn't make much of a difference.

Now we have a sealed box of them out on the balcony. We lose about 20 or so each time we play with them, so we have a lot. I occasionally will add in new colors, when I feel like we need a new look.

PS. I am still waiting for Ranger's brother. We are also still trying to come up with a internet handle for him. I want something cool. Preferably something that sounds militaryish to pay tribute to our military backgrounds.

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  1. Those look neat. Not sure about the whole SLIMY thing, though. (shudder) Not too big on the slimy. And apparently neither is Little Bit who was NOT impressed when they made Green Goo (Slime) at the Science Center. LOL


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