Thursday, May 3, 2012

Disappointed with Freight Train App

Y'all, Ranger LOVES the book Freight Train, so when I saw there was an app for it, I jumped to surprise him with seeing one of his favorite books become interactive.

I should have tested it first, before saying "oh look, there is a new train app!" -lesson learned I suppose. I opened it and we got past the opening song and to the yellow hopper car and the app became nonresponsive. I closed it out completely and reopened it, only to have it immediately crash. In fact, we tried and tried and could not get more than a few pages in before it froze or crashed. I had to delete it because Ranger kept trying to make it work and was getting frustrated.

He then swiped the device's pages looking for the app, and cried about not finding it. Still crying, he went and found the hard cover book and held it next to the device. He can say - in the toddler adorable way- freight train, and I had to deal with his real disappointment.

When I had first looked at the rating, I just saw three stars and figured it was because the app seemed like it wasn't aiming for a "wow" factor. When I read the reviews later, many were 1 star reviews for constant crashes. What confuses me is the four star reviews saying it worked great. Because it didn't on any device I tried.

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