Monday, April 30, 2012

Paradigm shifts

When you first discover you're going to be a parent, you begin a journey that starts a paradigm shift. Suddenly you can understand things your parents said or did. You feel for yourself the fears a parent faces, and realize the bravery it took to let you grow up and go away. You can look back at your youth and see it through a parent's point of view. You can look at your parents and see fallible people with hopes and desires and fears that kept them up at night.

As your own child grows, you find yourself having moments when you simultaneously watch your child experience life and remember a similar experience from your point of view. It's in these moments when I most treasure my childhood, most want to hug my parents, most want to go back in time and be there again, in that moment. I love where I am now- my life here in NYC as a mom and as a wife. But I wish I could go back and spend more time there in my childhood. Give and get a few more hugs, a few more I love yous.

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