Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lost sock sign

I saw this sign yesterday at the subway stop at 14th and Avenue of the Americas. I walked by it...several steps passed before my brain registered what the sign had said. I back tracked to take a picture. There were several of these signs plastered about. People were doing double takes, stopping and smiling.

It reminded me of something people did in college. It was cute and funny.

E and I have a "support network" set up for our singleton socks waiting for a reunion with their match. We put all the odd socks together along the dresser. Sometimes (usually) it turns out that the missing sock just didn't get in with the same load as its mate, and shows up with a later load. Every now and then, however, we have socks that never get found.

I just noticed that this sign looks almost like it's floating in the air. It's taped to a bus stop, which is reflecting the surroundings.


  1. I went to the's a promotional for an actual store with mismatched socks at Grand Central Station. :) Cool. Now I want to go buy some mismatched socks. :)

  2. What a great idea to have a drawer for singleton socks! Maybe for the ones that never are reunited with their mate you can put up a missing poster too! :)


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