Friday, May 22, 2009

Footwear in the city

It's getting warm (thankfully) but the warmer weather means people are putting away the winter boots and rain boots, and are shlepping around the city with some *interesting* choices of footwear.

Yesterday I thought about covertly taking pictures of people's footwear, but I stink at surreptitiously taking pictures, so instead I offer up a multiple choice drawing. I make no excuses for the quality of the drawings. I'm not great at feet- oh wait, that was an excuse. Well, I won't make any more excuses.
*me biting my lip to keep from excusing the angle of the photo, the lighting, the handwriting*

So which do you think you would wear to shlep around the city?

a) sandals
b) ballerina shoes (can be sneaker based)
c) sneakers
d) 1 inch or other low heals
e) 3 inch or higher heals

I'll tell you that in cool weather (above 45 degrees but below 60 degrees) or when I know I'll be on me feet all day, I'll wear sneakers and in warm weather (or for walking to work/short walks) I'll wear sneaker based ballerina slippers (from Adidas).

Some women (let's face it, men don't have as many options), wear their work shoes on their way to work, I am assuming so that they won't get their picture taken for FashVoMax magazine with a "What not to wear" sign over their feet (I happened across a magazine with a critique on footwear worn by people in NYC headed to work- sneakers? Totally not "what to wear," even if it's probably the best thing for your feet).

I keep my work shoes under my desk at work, and my coworkers do the same. We're smart like that (hey, we are all technically nerds, or geeks. I mean, we get excited about complex Excel formulas and pivot tables).

What would you wear?


  1. Around the city? SNEAKERS. Although, that's not saying much as I'm a jeans and sneakers kinda girl, but for all the walking you do around that city- SNEAKERS.

  2. sandals. :) I generally try to stay as close to barefoot as possible. LOL But if it was threatening rain, then something more like a tennis shoe...but "prettier." I admit it. I like pretty shoes. :) But I wouldn't walk a mile or more in heels if I could help it. I like fashion, but I'm also not crazy. :)

  3. I'm not much of a sandal/heels etc.. kinda gal, so I say sneakers. I've walked in boots around San Francisco and lived to regret it!

  4. I know I'm new to the city and all, but the sandals really gross me out. I personally don't want my bare feet THAT close to the ickiness on the streets and subway. I just keep thinking, it's too easy for a toe to slip off and touch something unidentifiable! I know- I'm so redneck like that! I am all about the FLATS!


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