Monday, June 22, 2009


I constantly have the munchies these days . Seriously, munchies can be annoying. I'm not hungry per se, but do need a little touch of something (usually cheddar cheese if I'm at home, fruit and whatever else I have at work). Why anyone would like the munchies, I just don't know.

This makes me think about something that before I lived in the city, I didn't have to think about. Given that this is the only big city I've lived in, I can't say if this is a unique to here thing or not, but it seems getting high is...well...accepted. We were in a concert once and some very professional looking people in front of us were passing a joint between them (I ended up waiting out the concert in the corridor- the cigarette and other smoke was too much for me). It's not unusual to see people behaving in a very high manner on public transit (or very drunkenly for that matter- some people just don't realize/care how trashy they look and sound when they're smashed and sitting on the train talking about it). Today as we walked to work there was a wafting scent of someone getting high.
At 745 in the morning.
I didn't see anyone around, but the scent was unmistakable.

There seems to be a totally different mindset here than the places I grew up, where getting high was ranked right up there with beating up old ladies, shoplifting, and high school drop outs. I've come to incorporate the NYC attitude about this (you mind your business, I'll mind mine) but... I just don't think I'll ever understand the appeal.

*me shaking my head*

Hey- speaking of appeal, I've made a few visual changes to my blog, so if you're reading this on google reader, pop on in for a sec to see. It's nothing fancy, but I'm pleased with the way it looks.


  1. Yeah, Jason's pretty sure our neighbors were "up to no good" one night at a dinner party in England. He could smell stuff coming in through the upstairs window from their yard. shrug. I don't get some people.

  2. The munchies drive me crazy, too. I get frustrated with myself for poking through the fridge and cupboards. I try to keep lowfat snacks on hand... string cheese, popcorn, etc. Or I just plop myself in front of the computer and start working on photos or web design. Stuff like that keeps me too occupied and entertained to think about food.


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