Thursday, July 23, 2009


I was on the bus today, having waited an unusually long amount of time, and it was packed... Any how, after a while it cleared out a little and such this cranky old lady (who had complained about a lot of things on the ride) took it upon herself to tell this lovely mom that she should have put her adorable little girl on her lap to open a seat. I managed to snap a picture. I am horrible at surreptitious pictures, so it's grainy. And I didn't want to capture the little girl's face... so it is oddly framed.
Does it look like this mom has any room on her lap for the little girl next to her? The poor lady has the stroller, it looked like two umbrellas, plus the little girl's jacket.
She was clearly at a loss on how to respond and I'm not sure she said anything.
Once the crazy old lady was off the bus, the lady next to the mom commiserated about how some people are just negative and want to complain.
Five minutes later that same lady sitting next to the mom starting talking about "those Arabs" and saying things that had the mother looking, once again, confounded. I didn't hear all of what the woman said, but I sure felt for that mom, who was shifting her attention to her daughter by asking the girl questions about how close they were to their stop based on surrounding buildings.
And all I could think was...Seriously?

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  1. Yep. Sounds about right. Sad, but so true. People just LOVE to complain. I'm related to a few of them... Anyway, I was pretty impressed, actually, at how accomodating everyone was to me on the Tube when I was pregnant (of course, I was only about 4 or 5 months pregnant, but I LOOKED like I was about to pop any moment, what with twins and all...) But still, I was offered a seat a LOT, though I usually didn't take it. I hated to make people get up for me, esp. when we weren't going to be on there very long. Still, it was nice to be asked. :) Plus, I had people offering to help us with Little Bit's stroller up and down the stairs in the stations. They were all actually VERY nice. Good to see that. :)


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