Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A lie and some truths.

What follows are one lie and some truths- I'll let you decide which is the lie (I'll give you a hint- the sentence following this one is totally not true).

I didn't post anything this weekend because I was observing three days of technological silence in honor of Memorial day.

I (re)read book three of Nora Robert's Key trilogy, only to decide to (re)read book one, then book two, and what the heck, might as well read book three for the second time in one weekend.

I made an amazing raspberry buttermilk cake that filed to turn out of the pan. I tipped it over to move it from pan to rack, and the thing got a little stubborn, so rather than follow my mom's traditional procedures for removing cakes from pans, I simply shook the pan until the center (just the center, leaving 2/3rds left in the pan still) fell out- half on to the rack and the other half, regrettably, onto the floor. It was so good, that the failure of the cake to come cleanly from the pan did not stop us from munching on the chunks that I did pull from the pan. We were not tempted by what fell to the floor, however.

When the weather turned out to be gorgeous, instead of the aquarium we went to the Bronx Zoo. E got me a park membership for my birthday, so it doesn't matter which city zoo we go to (or aquarium), we get to bypass the ticket lines. When we got to the Bronx Zoo, we had to wait, maybe, 30 seconds while they took the tickets of the one couple before us. When I showed my membership pass (all attractions included), the man checked my id and handed it back with "So sorry to keep you waiting, have a lovely day." Because waiting 30 seconds is SO hard! Gosh, I felt like I was a VIP or something. We went to the Gorilla exhibit and the children's zoo (it is the coolest children's zoo I've ever seen), and got the same wonderful treatment. Apparently having a membership pass is like being royalty- if royalty went to the zoo, and you know, looked like every day ordinary people.

I bought E a Wii for his birthday. He's wanted one since at least a year, if not more ago. I found a great deal for a used one through, and also got a game that comes with a steering wheel (that was used too, I love saving money).


  1. Wii's are fun. :) You need to get Mario Party. It's, like, the funnest game ever! LOL We all played it at Jason's work's Christmas party and had the best time. It's like a board game on the TV. We went out that same week and bought the odler one for our old Gamecube that we play ALL the time. Got another one about a month ago. (There's like seven of them!) But it's awesome, and a bunch of people can play together. :) Definately reccomend!!

  2. I spent the weekend reading Nora's Seven trilogy. Or Sign of Seven trilogy. Something seven. Anyway, it was pretty good. Very similar to the Key trilogy. (That one was about witches, right? It's been awhile.)

  3. Now of course I must take a look into the Seven trilogy. Sounds interesting...


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