Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lost: a different point of view

I am not sure when we got separated, she and I. One moment we shared a familiar weight between us, the next... nothing but open space in unfamiliar places. I knew our time would be short, but the last few days had been lovely- a snug but not uncomfortable fit for both of us. I could tell near the end of the day that my time was slipping, but was consoled knowing that there would be more time together, later.

I can imagine her look of surprise when she realized we were not together. I can imagine her trying to track back, looking for a glint of the familiar in the hustle and bustle of end of work day crowds.

I know it had been a rough day already- and wonder, did she tear up in frustration? Did she fret over my absence? There was a lot of ground to cover between when she last knew we were together and when she noticed we weren't.

I would not fault her for looking only a few moments. I was, after all, a temporary stand in. I was not particularly special or difficult to come by. Perhaps for someone, someone looking for a glint in the grime of the city, I will be a spectacular find.

Well yesterday was rather crudy. And there's nothing I can really pinpoint that made it so- just a bunch of little things that weren't going smoothly. Oh, and the whole lost my wedding band thing topped it off. Fortunately it wasn't my good band. E bought me a slightly larger gold band to use during my pregnancy, once it was clear my nice band was too tight most of the time to wear. I am hoping that the someone who finds it is able to get some joy out of it. Even if it's just a trip to the pawn for the fifty bucks or so it's probably worth.

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