Monday, January 12, 2009

Still turned out yummy

I made these

the other day.

I am still not the best at following instructions (see this post for another example).

Want to guess which instruction I ignored?

I'll give you a hint. It was snowing outside.
But snow isn't the same as rain, right- you can have a dry snow, I swear it's true.
About a dozen of the cookies finally dried out enough for me to keep them, and there may have been a good dozen eatten in the testing process, possibly (my particles were shifting from the massive intake of sugar, so the memory is a little hazy). But they were so yummy.

I made candies this weekend. I didn't color the fondant fillings properly, so the creamy hazelnut chocolates look like coconut filled chocolates because I left the fondant white. They taste amazing though. The Raspberry filled white chocolates, the filling for which I made red, tastes great too. But the red? Shows right through that white chocolate (I ran out of the regular chocolate after the hazelnut fondant ran out and after a small tiny batch of chocolate covered peanut clusters).

Now for the Pina Colada flavored filling (which has no alcohol in it whatsoever I might add) I decided on a whim to make the fondant Teal. Because mom bought me a 12 pack of food coloring that's why. The color looks especially striking against the white chocolate. And the flavor ended up being just a touch too strong. So far test cases haven't been able to do more than nibble on a little bite, exclaim politely that it's good, then leave the rest under the napkin thinking perhaps that I wouldn't look to see if they hid the chocolate under the napkin while I was cleaning up the plates.

Tomorrow I'll try an experiment. I'm going to bring to work the chocolates, which are now in little baggies (two, three and single pieces depending on what grabbed when I was storing each piece). I'm going to put the chocolates surreptitiously in the break room. I may wait to do this close to lunch rather than first thing- no one here seems to eat chocolates early (me, on the other hand...). Once I stick these chocolates out, I'm going to see how long it takes for them to disapear. I've only been caught once leaving out goodies, so I'm thinking no one will associate me with the mysterious sweets (which means no one can accuse me of ruining their New Year's resolutions)(I already broke one of mine, so what the hey, let's share the rebellion- who needs these stinking resolutions any way!).

So far the quickest time my treats have disappeared is an hour, and the longest time it took was not accurately documented but can be guessed at three hours.

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