Saturday, April 4, 2009


I love quiet weekends. First, I know we're lucky to have them. We have no kids to make our lives hectic (not yet anyhow), and can make and cancel plans as needed.

Today we went to our favorite place for breakfast (focusing on the foods we can have this week but next week during Passover will have to abstain from). Afterwards we got me a spring jacket and talked about going to Union Square to look at seedlings. But it was just cold enough to be uncomfortable, especially given the 40mph wind gusts. Plus, I was imagining carrying seedlings in that wind...So, we settled in for a quiet day of reading and relaxing.

The play we saw yesterday night, Waiting for Godot, was entertaining. The overall plot was unabashedly obscure. But, with Nathan Lane and John Goodman, the dialog was often laugh out loud funny. We really enjoyed ourselves. At the end of the play while we were standing up to leave, we were talking about the plot, specifically what the endless waiting really was about, and the girl young woman behind us decided to enlighten us. "It's Limbo" she said with all of the authority of a theater student talking to the ignorant masses.

We also watched a movie that we enjoyed. It was a documentary (we're such nerds!).

The only disappointment this weekend was the book I'd picked up (for free). I had read the first half and had moderately liked it, but the second half was almost unbearable to read. I found myself skipping over paragraphs, then whole pages, disgusted with the turn of events happening in the plot. Finally I deleted the book from my Kindle. When that happens, I always feel l little let down- disappointed, and sometimes a little adrift. On the one hand I would sorta like to know what happens next- on the other hand, the main character was becoming so annoyingly obnoxious and the plot Well. Now I know I don't like that particular author. And it was a free book.

Tomorrow all we have on tap is inventorying our bicycling supplies to make sure we have everything we need for our first spring bike rides (I know we need a new hand pump and some locks-not sure what happened to our locks in the moves we've made). Then we'll hang out and do some laundry.

Simple weekends are so blissful!

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