Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hi....and writer's block

Hi. I want to let you know I'm still here and you know, alive and all.
I would like to blame my blog silence on being busy, but really, it's not been all that busy.
What it comes down to is just not having any ideas.

I had a great one at 230am last night. I'd forgotten to feed the cats, and Loki took it upon himself to yowl until I woke up and realized my lapse. After I'd fed them, and after the trip to the rest room, and after a chunk of cheddar cheese (and after brushing my teeth), I laid in bed trying not to think of ghosts (because that's what first pops into my mind at 230 am), and I came up with an amazing post.

I almost got out of bed to write it up on E's laptop, but about then my body relaxed and I knew sleep wouldn't be too far along.

And of course I can't remember squat about that awesome post.

Maybe something will pop into my mind (at a decent hour) and I'll be conveniently sitting right at a computer to type it up. In the mean time,
Happy Wednesday. Hope your weather is as lovely as ours.

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