Monday, May 18, 2009

Why do the weather sprites despise me so?

This weekend was mostly clouds and rain. Friday was sunny and warm, and thankfully I had taken the day off to do some wonderful lovely amazing things*, which we topped off by a trip to the Central Park Zoo. So, I guess I shouldn't complain because I did get to do fun in the sun stuff on Friday. And I did have a nice weekend despite the clouds and rain and cooler temps.
I sure did miss the sun by Sunday though. You can ask E, he'll tell you- I was whining and moaning and being all mopey.

Then, today, when we looked at the 10 day forecast, wouldn't you know the weekdays are warmish to warm and sunny, and the weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, the informal but traditional start of summer- will be rain, rain, and rain.

Followed by weekdays of sunshine.


* There is something wiggling and jiggling inside of me, and it has a heart beat and hands and feet and a nose and possibly my inability to lay still for two minutes.

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