Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In search of a Wendy's

Today is a pretty nice day, so I decided to talk a walk during my lunch. As I was walking, I thought of where I wanted to eat. Actually, I may have already had in mind the exact place I wanted to eat, and may have been headed there the entire walk. It's possible. The moment Wendy's popped into my head, that's where I was going.

There isn't one super close, but I knew there was one I used to pass on my way to/from work when we lived on the Upper East Side. I figured it was around 57th, and was right- there was once a Wendy's at 57th and 3rd. That's something like a 20 minute walk. I'm sure it would have been less if I hadn't taken a less than direct route, or stopped briefly in my favorite store (the Container Store).

Even before I saw the papered over windows, or the notice of closure, I saw the lack of a Wendy's sign outside the building, and knew I wasn't getting my lunch of choice. I still went and looked (maybe the sign is down for cleaning). The closure notice mentioned another Wendy's at 44th and Lexington, and had I gone there FIRST I might have had time to get Wendy's for lunch. But by this point my walk back would leave me only 15 minutes to eat, ok, maybe 20. I was starting to hear my stomach protesting its emptiness, so I headed back to work and grabbed lunch in the cafeteria. Nothing looked appetizing. Not the pasta station, or the comfort food station, or sandwich station. The salad bar looked dull and uninviting.

I ended up grabbing a cheese and fruit plate (which was rather disappointing- it tasted bland and most of it ended up in the trash), a banana, a peach, a plum, and a snack sized hummus /pretzel thingy.
Needless to say, lunch was a disappointment.
But at least I didn't start craving Arby's. The only Arby's around is in Queens.

Sometimes I think the sign welcoming you to New York City should read:
Welcome to New York City*
*sponsored by Starbucks and McDonald's


  1. LOL I loe your last line there! That's EXACTLY how it was in London, too! Every five minutes walking down the street (so, that's what, every couple blocks, if not closer???) there was ANOTHER McDonald's and Starbucks. It was a bit rediculous, actually.

  2. The best thing about having Starbucks everywhere is their bathrooms are relatively clean. You know how often you have to go when preggers! I've gotten off the bus (on my way home) just to hit the bathroom in a Starbucks!

  3. Oh great. Now you have me craving Wendy's. But I just want fries and a frosty. Sigh. That right there is my idea of Heaven.


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