Saturday, October 17, 2009

China Town

We attended a rehearsal dinner tonight in China Town. People in NYC tend to stick to their own neighborhoods- we have never looked around in China Town (other than a very brief visit in the days before our wedding when my family was in town), so when we got there early, we walked around a bit.

This candy store was very colorful and interesting, but had a NO PHOTOGRAPHY policy that still boggles my mind. Like, seriously, you can't handle me taking a photo of your candy?

China Town has a lot of interesting shops and markets. Some of the shops are Tourist Schlock and some are markets used by people living in the area. You can guess which type of shop this was:

China Town is in the oldest part of the Manhattan (the southern tip of the island is the oldest part). This means the streets are very narrow and also not laid out in a nice grid like up town is. The narrow streets and craziness of the area limits parking. Fortunately, NYCer's are good at parallel parking. Perhaps too good:

China Town is usually packed, both with venders and tourists. And don't forget the people trying to sell you fake handbags. I remember also that there are people who will appear to be handing you something (and you're thinking, wow, free gift) but if you take it they expect you to buy it... usually something like a scarf or something small and easily mistaken as a free gift... once you've been living in NYC a while, you walk right past anyone handing out anything without a second glance, so we didn't experience that this visit.

I have too many pictures of the experience of China Town and Dim Sum to just post, so when the weekend is over, I'll share a slew of them in a video form.

And Lastly, I got a funny fortune.

We decided it was actually Ranger's fortune (ignore the camera's very hard to take a picture of your belly, even when it's 8 month's pregnant big):

Tomorrow is the wedding. SO totally looking forward to it!

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