Thursday, October 22, 2009


This isn't a political blog, but knowing that insurances deny women for having been victims of abuse in the past, or having a c-section or being pregnant, well, that totally sucks.

I have heard and read about this before, so I promise I'm not passing along myths or politcal double speak. I also checked this on factcheck , which you can use whenever you're not sure if something is totally bogus or somewhat true.

Perhaps the most under reported practice of discrimination in our health care system is that women are regularly denied coverage for "pre-existing conditions" that include pregnancy, a previous C-Section, or being a victim of past domestic abuse.

Even when women do get coverage, it isn't cheap. More than 90 percent of the best-selling insurance plans charge women more than men, in some cases charging as much as 48 percent more for the same coverage. These pricey plans don't even include maternity care, vital reproductive health coverage which is nearly impossible to find on the private insurance market.

Congress needs to hear from people around the country that the fair treatment of women should be an essential part of health care reform.

The health care debate is coming to a close, and Congress will soon decide whether to end discriminatory health care. Your action is needed now.

Tell Congress to support health care reform that does not discriminate against women today >

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