Saturday, October 10, 2009

space (un)available

In 8 or possibly 9 weeks, Ranger will be born.
Between now and then I have to convince Loki that his favorite spot is soon to be unavailable:

When ever I am sitting up, he makes it his self appointed duty to hop right on up and curl into the cutest little cat ball right there on my chest. If I don't hold him, he'll inch up until he can hang partially on my shoulder. Of course, with my pregnant belly, he has a natural shelf to sit on.

When I am laying down, he and his brother jocky for the position closest to my face. Which sometimes results in a very determined Loki draping himself like a stole and nearly covering my face.

They don't show this attention to E, because they were 8 weeks when I got them, and two years when he became a part of their lives. They love him- and pine when he is away. But they don't usually lay on him the same way.

But these cats adjust to changes well. They've moved five times (including two moves which involved three and four day drives).

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