Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Favorite pair of...

I have this favorite pair of pants. I got them way back in 2001 or early 02. They're Everlast, dark blue with a gray stripe on each leg. The fabric is super soft and thin, and the pants manage to hug my curves without being tight, and at the same time give me the feel of looseness you get from sweat pants.

I LOVE these pants. They make great pj's, or in the case of staying at home with a new born, great hang around the house all day pants.

And they are in desperate need of disposal. The holes have holes at this point. I'm not talking about tears in seams. There are places where the fabric is worn so thin it is nearly transparent.

I tried to replace them- I got some Everlast pants online. The fabric's all wrong though. Since I tend to HATE TAGS and remove all tags the moment I get something, I have no idea if my favorite pair is only cotton or a cotton blend. The cotton blend I'd gotten as a replacement is too synthetic feeling.

I have a t-shirt that also has holes. I've had the t for the same amount of time as the pants. It's plain cotton as far as I can tell (no tags), and has Air Force written on the front. The fabric is so soft and comforting. For a long time E and I "fought" over who got to wear the shirt around the house. Now the shirt's back on my side of the dresser- he's found some replacements at Banana Republic. But I don't want a plain gray shirt. I like that my shirt says Air Force on it. I should dispose of the shirt...but can't bring myself to do it. Besides, the holes are small, and I'm just wearing it around the house any how.

Do you have something that you probably should toss but don't?

As an aside, when I was younger, I once used medical tape to cover a hole in a sock. I don't recall that there was anything special about the sock, just that it had a hole and I had some tape. I put the sticky side out and after a while the washings merged the tape with the sock to the point that it was inseparable. My mom was mortified later, when she found my doctored sock. It's not like we couldn't get another sock.

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