Saturday, January 2, 2010

Visit to the 20th NYPD precinct

The day started off pretty well today- breakfast at our favorite breakfast place - the first time since Ranger came along. Then we went to get E a hair cut. After the hair cut we walked on our way home, stopping at CVS. When I reached into the diaper bag to get my little purse...

it was no where to be found.

We nearly forgot to pay for the two things we'd gone to pick up at CVS we were so busy searching the diaper bag. We came home and upended the bag, emptying every pocket and nook.


We called the hair salon- they hadn't seen it. E hopped in a cab and headed back there, just in case. I started shutting down my cards.

The purse never showed up.

Did you know you can get your NY State driver's license replaced online?

We had to change the locks on our door and mail box, because my keys were in my purse and our address on my license- thankfully today was a day I was NOT keeping my phone in there!

The handyman told us we should report the loss to the police since my driver's license was lost. Since we didn't know if the purse had simply fallen out of the bag or if it had been stolen, we bundled Ranger up and went to visit our local police precinct.

Those guys were so nice! Very polite, took our report just as seriously as any other even though there was nothing to be done about the purse. When we got there, some guy was being a jerk about a parking spot- something about the on duty cops' personal cars and where they were parked. He was so obnoxious to the officer he was speaking to, but the officer was very professional. Seriously, Kudos to the 20th precinct NYPD.

I was surprised how calmly I handled it all. My only tears came after all the cards were closed and replacements ordered. That little purse- more like a wallet, was what E used to hold the engagement ring when he proposed.

Woohoo what a great start to the new year!

Actually, things could have been worse. If we'd gone right home rather than stop at CVS, I wouldn't have noticed it was missing until a day later.

And also, we went for pizza afterwards. We hadn't planned on eating out, but the police precinct wasn't far from our favorite pizza place and we felt like we deserved it.

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