Monday, July 12, 2010

a lame excuse

So if you haven't noticed, I haven't posted about our trip. Or really anything. I have excuses. Lots of them.

Let's start with trying to sleep train Ranger.

Add in a little studying for the GMAT

Plus a dash of looking at Co-Ops in Queens

Some family time with the in-laws (they are gracious enough to let us stay with them on the beach!)

Cats that have had their food intake reduced which means they're yowling loudly to protest (see the first part about sleep training Ranger) (on the upside, Thor's diabetes is finally under control!)

And in general melting from the heat and humidity here. I've lived hotter and more humid places, I remind myself. BUT in those places I went from house/building to car, both of which had ac. Here I am walking- even if I'm going to take the subway (which is sweltering on the platform but cool in the cars).

Also, I am sorta the coordinator for a new parent support group. I say sorta cause I've never had more than one person attend, so I'm not sure if that qualifies as a group.

So, here are some pictures.

This is Ranger while we were waiting for our flight to Pensacola. The little bugger just kept crawling and crawling so I broke out my emergency toy. It was brand new, and has little figures that connect with magnets. This occupied him for 30 seconds before he tried to make anrun crawl for the doors.

This is Ranger at the Naval Aviation Museum.

And this is the three of us (four if you count Ned, the stuffed elephant)

eventually I'll tell you how awesome Ranger was on the flights and all that good stuff. Spoiler alert: There was no poop crisis.