Friday, November 12, 2010


So a long time a go I set up a seller account at Amazon, trying to get rid of books that I now have electronic, or am unlikely to read again. Nothing came of it so yesterday as I was removing Amazon stuff I figured I'd delete the account. Imagine my surprise when I logged in and found "Amazon has suspended this account" in big red letters! Apparently one person at some point tried to order from me, and since I didn't get any message or note or anything I wasn't aware of the potential sale. That person gave me a one star bad review and Amazon suspended my account. The end result was the same-I didn't need to delete the account since it's inactive. But it really bugs me that someone had tried to order a book and I was totally unresponsive(unaware).

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  1. That stinks. I'd be aggrivated, too. Oh, they did take off that book (that you spoke of in your previous blog entry), but the news article I read said that they ONLY took off that one because of protests, not other pedifile books that are still listed for sale. So, I gather they're ONLY worried about people boycotting their site, and not of the content they actually sell. Doesn't speak too highly of them.


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