Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Make Meaning- a very cool experience

This is not a paid post, y'all.

Ranger and I went to a new store near the American Museum of Natural History called Make Meaning with a tag line of "Dirty hands, Clean mind". I was going to wait until we got back the finished product but just can't keep in how awesome this experience was.

I picked out two pieces to paint, one a heart shaped one and one a small round plate for Ranger to paint. I put his hand print on my piece then let him go to town on his. He didn't stop there though, as you can see he had a blast!

The folks there were very nice, didn't mind the mess (you leave the mess here, we clean it up- the response when I asked for a wipe to wipe down the tables). For not too much money, we made two great and meaningful gifts for the holidays and had good not-so-clean-but-washable fun.  They also do parties. And not just for kids- adult functions, too!  Very cool

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  1. It sounds like a lot of fun! :) I want to do some sort of art/pottery/whatever class with Little Bit but we haven't done it, yet. Maybe soon... Yeah, not taking the boys, yet. LOL They would likely tear down the building. No joke. :) If you look up rambunctious in the dictionary, I PROMISE it will have pictures of my kids in there! :) Though we did let them paint a figurine (a truck and an airplane) at a function a while back...but whoever organized it used NON WASHABLE PAINT. groan. So, ruined shirts, of course. Had we KNOWN we were going to do painting, I would have dressed them differently. Oh, least they had nearly outgrown the shirts, so it's not tooo bad.


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