Monday, September 5, 2011

Three perceptions

At what age do we stop seeing ourselves in a positive light when we look in the mirror? I recently read a blog post ( ) that made me seriously wonder about this question.

How do We as adults get back to being full of awesome? I'm pretty sure chocolate is involved. If it isn't, it should be.

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  1. I totally know what you mean. Sometimes I wonder who my husband is talking about, when he compliments me...or, if I can convince myself he is talking about me, it's because he's being nice, not because he really thinks so. (my thinking...he swears opposite.) And I have actually caught myself sometimes avoiding mirrors because I DON'T want to see what I look like. What happened to that twenty-something girl who felt good in her jeans? Who didn't look for the longest t-shirt in the closet to hide her middle? And really, what does it matter if I'm a few pounds heavier? I'm NOT 18 anymore. And I've had three kids. There's bound to be a pound or two in why do I feel GUILTY about it?? Like I should do more to fix it. ??? Where does this mindset come from? I am not my jeans size. sigh... Good thoughts, this post. Things to contemplate...


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