Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zoo Train app: a review

Our new favorite app for the iPad is Zoo Train.
Keeping in mind my son is not yet two, and there is some growing to do before he can use some parts of it independently, I am quite impressed with how easily he's been able to do.
Here's him playing with the app for the first time ever:

Now, since then he's gotten, oddly enough, less confident with the letters, often wanting to use my finger to move the letters. HE still decides where the letters go, just using my finger. *shrug*

The other games include a moving train portion, where he can select different train cars carrying different animals, then select the scene for the train to ride past.

There is a music portion, where Ranger can select songs to listen to or he can play music of his own (he hasn't figured that out yet, we just got it this past Friday).

One game Ranger can't quite do yet is one where you line up track pieces. I do all but one piece for him, and then prompt him...some times he seems to get that you move the track to the empty(ish) spot, but mostly he likes seeing the train go around and wants me to do the work. Which I will, for now.

Another selection Ranger is not quite ready to do on his own is one where you fill in the picture's pieces. He enjoys watching me do it though, and loves the little train at the bottom that moves when you've completed a picture.

This app is just a load of fun. I hope in the future they will provide updates that change up the images (for the one where you put the pieces back together, right now the same few images repeat but for a little kid it's probably the good kind of repetition). I highly recommend this app.

ps As usual, they didn't pay me anything, give me anything, or otherwise sprinkle pixie dust onto my life for this. It's just my honest opinion.

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