Friday, June 15, 2012

May our sons one day be somebody's hero

I already think of myself as having two sons, though the one is currently practicing his acrobatics using my ribcage as a trampoline.

The other day we were talking of what we wished for our sons. I have always said that someone needed to raise the gentlemen of the world. Heading into father's day weekend, it dawned on me that one day our sons will be dads.

I want of both our sons that they one day be somebody's hero...

That one day they will be holding their son or daughter on their knees and the child will believe he hung the moon...

That for those moments in time, magic exists because daddies *can* do magic.

My father could do magic for most of my childhood. He could blow towards a traffic light and make it turn green, he could command with just a word the windshield wipers to turn on, and he could conjure up invisible balls we would throw into a paper bag- you could hear the bag pop when the ball landed in the bag.

Dad magic must fade over time, or perhaps you could say the child grows wise. But there is another kind of magic that can return later in life, past the teenage angst years and the college drifting years. The kind of magic you feel when as a grown adult, being hugged in his arms brings back feelings of love and safety.

You can't be five years old again...but through the mysterious magical ways of dads, your heart can remember what it was to feel like nothing in the world could possibly be wrong, because you were in your daddy's arms.

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