Friday, October 5, 2012

Wanted: a body that will be able to keep up with my sons

In fourth grade I started playing soccer. The team I was on was actually pretty good, as I recall. I remember my dad taking me to the practices and games, even though the cold weather sometimes made his hands so stiff he could barely grip the stick shift to drive home.

After one game early in the season where I had missed several kicks, my foot swooshing past the ball, my dad asked me what I thought was the problem. "I can't help but close my eyes when I kick the ball."

And so that was how we ended up on an empty field kicking the ball back and forth, in the chilly drizzle, until I had mastered the open eyed kick. I played soccer for two or three years before I had to chose between soccer and band.

The other weekend I kicked a ball around with Ranger and his friend. I was having fun and so were they. But I can still feel the reasons I am a disabled veteran. My hip, my knee, and my ankle have too much wear and tear to support a lot of running. I will likely do it again though. Because the smile on my son's face is worth some aches that a little Motrin will fix (as long as I stop playing before the aches become pains become injuries- that would be no good).

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