Saturday, November 10, 2012

App review: Train World

This app is almost more fun for me than it is for Ranger. He likes watching the trains move around the tracks. But the boundary limitations makes it so he can not yet lay down the track. I like to lay out the track so it is a win win.

three ways to view the train
Several background options, three train options.
No solid objects are obstacles.

With just three tracks to chose from and rigid boundaries, it can be a challenge to creat a track that meets up with itself or doesn't run through solid objects.
There is only one-extremely slow-speed.

Pick your train. Granted, there really isn't too much of a difference in appearance.

Lay down track. Buildings, animals, trees, vehicles, water- all are a guaranteed giggle from Ranger when the train passes through them.

Then press play.
I am having trouble adding the video, so here is my YouTube link:

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