Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I wish I could blame the raisins

The floor is still slightly sticky, despite multiple cleanings.

The floor is sticky because Ranger wanted a second box of raisins, and when I opened the box raisins went all over the rug. Since the vacuum was already out and plugged in from when the apple juice spilled on the rug, I decided to use the vacuum on the raisins. I thought the baby might find the noise soothing, or at the least it would cover up his cries. Teething is no fun.

The raisins turned out to be resistant to even our mighty vacuum, and were tossed behind the vacuum under my feet and on the floor. I did not let this discourage me, and continued to vacuum, now including the floor.

Then Ranger popped off the couch and ran to the bathroom. I left the vacuum running on the rug while I went to help Ranger. Little man was a ticking poop bomb waiting to happen and if it happened on the toilet-well, much celebration would ensue.

But Ranger decided thirty seconds after his bum touched the seat he was all done. I dashed back to grab a new diaper when I heard the door bell. I turned off the vacuum and reminded Ranger to stay put. The baby kicked the screaming up a notch. He was now being murdered by his teeth.

As I was dashing, I saw a diaperless Ranger racing to the door. At least he was pulling his shirt down a little. I gently yelled at him to get his tush back in the bathroom, which of course he ignored.

I opened the door and rushed through the delivery transaction while trying to keep a mostly naked Ranger from escaping. The baby was still being loudly murdered by his teeth.

I closed the door and played a little game called get this diaper on right now, which involved no small amount of chasing, some grabbing, and some wrestling.

I deposited a diapered Ranger on the couch and picked up the baby, who at that point had his whole hand in his mouth and was whimpering. As I was walking around singing and swaying, I noticed the floor was sticky. And there were still raisins on the rug.

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