Thursday, November 1, 2012

The funnies

I have a large collection of comic strip books. Foxtrot, Frazz, Stonesoup, Zits, For Better or Worse just to name a few. But I have a two fold problem.

You see, we have very few books that aren't electronic. The only bookshelf we have holds Green Eggs and Ham, Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, and other children's books. I have snuck a few Calvin and Hobbes books in that bookshelf but otherwise we have no place to keep this massive collection where it could easily reached. There is a box on the floor in the closet, another box in another closet, and some stacked on the top shelf. So these books aren't readily accessible. I DID find a neat way to put some outside the bathroom where electronic books don't go. That stash represents a fraction of what we have.

What can I say? I love the funnies and once upon a time when I wasn't using an I device to read, I liked to read the comic strips before bed. Easy short plots and if I was really tired I could just look at the pictures.

So storage space is one problem.

Another problem is the lack of bedside lights. There just isn't enough plugs to put in a bedside lamp even if I had the space to put a bedside table. You live in a city, even in Queens, you give up on space. So, no light, no reading regular paper books.

One day I will find a solution. And when that happens it will feel like all the stories are new again, because it will have been so long.

The picture below is about a quarter of my collection.

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