Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Review: Donjoy knee brace

I have a troublesome knee. It is a service connected wear and tear issue for which there is no fix. Most of the time this knee isn't a problem, but when I want to chase after the kiddos or do something like water aerobics, I am guaranteed to have pain. The pain got so strong after attending some water aerobics classes that I thought I might have torn a meniscus. The MRI came back with no tear (yay no surgery! Boo pain w no clear fix).

I really enjoy the water sports aerobics class I take, led by a former Army lady. But it was causing me pain. I decided to try a brace.

My searches both on line and peer to peer didn't have results for which brace is good for the pool. A good brace isn't so cheap that one can do a trail and error test! Finally I used the live chat feature on the Donjoy web site. The representative said any of their braces could be used in the pool, and recommended the reaction knee brace.

I first got accustomed to the brace out of the pool. Then after a month took it to the aqua sports class. It worked beautifully. I still had a range of motion that allowed me to work out and I could feel the weight being distributed away from my knee/pain center.

Since I had a hard time finding a recommendation, I wanted to share mine.i wasn't compensated or anything- I just have fou d a food thing and wanted to share.


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