Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How I accidently went to Starbucks...

So, you're probably wondering how someone can accidently go to Starbucks. Well, you're right. I knew what I was doing when I took my wallet and my entry card to the elevators. I knew what was doing when I rode the elevator down the 27 floors to the entry level, and then walked down the stairs to the atrium level. I knew what I was doing when I walked past the huge Christmas decoration with all its moving, dancing bears and penguins. I knew what I was doing when I got in line to the Starbucks. I was just going to get a Tall Chai Latte. Mmmm Chai Latte. But then when it came to my turn, a little row of squares caught my eyes. I heard myself ask for a marshmellow square....
The altoids in the background there have been my friend today. someone put out more chocolate in the breakroom, and altoids are great at preventing chocolate snacks. But against marshmellow squares, I am here to report, there is no defense. I even cut mine into four pieces, intending to share. I am honestly reporting that I did not share. And I'm not sure I regret not sharing, so there!
And Santa is still going to bring me gifts - I just have to fly to Alabama to get them. I might even get to play with my nephew's Lincoln Logs. He won't be there to have a say in the matter. So he'll have to share.

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