Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pigs in a blanket

What I wanted for breakfast was pigs in a blanket- just like at IHOP. Maybe I smelled someone's pancakes...maybe someone had sausages...who knows? All I know is it was awfully hard to get my normal breakfast today. I wandered close to the grill and eyed the sausage links. I kept my distance though; didn't give the cook the chance to ask how he could help me. I eyed the bagels then. Maybe I just need something a little different.... and a bagel costs the same as oatmeal...
I am so proud of me that I actually stuck with my usual oatmeal. This close to the holidays, I just know I'll be eating all kinds of fun-for-me stuff (but probably not good-for-me stuff).
But boy oh boy did I want some sausages wrapped in pancakes.

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