Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pros and Cons list - NYC

Things I like about NYC:
No driving required - I don't like to drive. I' m a decent enough driver, but all those yahoos on the streets like to forget they're behind the wheel of a piece of heavy machinery- one that can easily cause fatalities.
Easy to walk around- Walking is fun, and a great way to get exercise.
Lots of variety in food/entertainment- We still end up with favorite places to go, but now our list of favorites includes Indian places, and Ethiopian places, as well as several wings places and a few pizza places, and this doesn't begin to cover the number of museums we can choose from.
Central Park - 99% of the time the park is quiet and relaxing. And that 1% of the time is avoidable if you just don't go there on days where they're having a huge run/parade/event
Awesome Zoos - The Bronx Zoo and the Central Park Zoo are great, and I'm looking forward to the aquarium.

Things I don't like about NYC
Noise on the street level- Sometimes you can't hear the person next to you for all the traffic and crowd noise.
Crazy drivers- They don't follow the rules. They block the box, cut between lanes and in front of other cars, and especially the cabbies seem to think the first car at a red light has ESP and will know to let off the brake just as the light is turning and if not honk, honk honk honk HONK -see first thing on this list.
Crowds - especially in tight spaces like subway cars or small restaurants or narrow store aisles. I hate being in the way, I hate being jostled.
The price of nearly everything- In Alabama we paid less than 80 cents per square foot. Here we're lucky to get less than $5 per square foot. Now apply this same logic to everything else you buy.

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