Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I thought you'd like to know. I'm wearing orange.

Not just a little bit of orange. A lot of it.

This is how it works out. I had the winter blahs last week. And that coincided with the "I hate every outfit I own" blahs. And also, the, "I'm so not pretty/thin/interesting" blahs. Just about any blahs that don't have anything to do with PMS blahs, I had them last week.

So this weekend Loving Husband drags me out to the stores. First he gets himself a high tech new age snow jacket that looks like a windbreaker but is warm like a poofy down jacket. So he's happily wearing his new age snow jacket and then drags me to Ann Taylor. I had been shopping at New York and Co, cause I liked their cheapness, you know? But he was insistent that it was time to upgrade.

He picks out a few things, pants, matching jacket, while I grab a white button down. While I'm trying those on, he gets this orange sweater jacket and a blue scarf. The lady asks if I need help, and I'm all like, no, my husband is helping me. She was sceptical until he came back and put together the outfit. She helped us with the scarf, cause he'd grabbed one that was just a touch too blue, and she showed me how to wear it- cause I have two dozen scarves and really, honestly, have no idea how to wear them. I used to make them into woman-ties when I was teaching. I used them to dress up as a gypsy once.

So I look at myself in the mirror wearing this orange jacket, and darned if I do look pretty good. and it's on sale. Which the black jacket isn't. So I say to Loving husband, we can get the pants, the white shirt, the camies, the orange jacket and the scarf, but not the black jacket. If we get the black jacket, it is all we're getting today.

And you know what? He said, I don't need a new ipod. I'll get the black jacket for you out of my "fun funds" - he's been saving up for a new ipod for months. SIGH.

It is a nice black jacket too. Sliming and kinda strechy. I decided to wear the orange sweater jacket because it is really cold today. Again.

Loving Husband's been talking about how excited he was to see me go to work today all weekend. "Don't tell me what you're going to wear, I want to be surprised!"

I've gotten three compliments on my orange sweater jacket. Probably because it's, you know ORANGE. I could go hunting after work and be within regulations.

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