Monday, January 19, 2009

Central Park on a snowy day

Central Park was beautiful, if not a little slippery, today. I wish I would have taken more photos, but was trying not to end up with fifty photos of the same thing (something I am usually guilty of).

I found it amazing how the city disappeared behind the curtain of snow. And enjoyed watching kids on their sleds slide down the hill. I spent most of my time wandering near and around an area called the Ramble. There were a few hilly spots where I thought I would end up sliding down on my rear , but I tred carefully. The photographer a few moments behind me wasn't as carefull- I heard him fall as I was making my way around the other bended slope.

I took several shots of this on my continuous shot option trying to capture the big flakes of snow drifting quietly onto the pond and tree. It was so quiet and peaceful. We like to come to this spot year round.

On a clear day, you would see city in the background. I took this shot because you can see how easy it would be to mistake this for somewhere else- somewhere not in the city. I've hiked in Colorado and come across similar expanses of snowy scenes. Except here the expanse is a pond rather than a plain. The pond looked frozen enough to walk on, and people had indeed done just that- I could see their foot prints. But I wasn't about to try it!

This was on a block near the city. There are some very lovely looking brownstones in that area. They probably cost two fortunes to live in, but looking at them is free.

I was tempted to walk further, to head through the park towards the south entrances, and then perhaps wander by the zoo. But I realized after about five minutes of walking south that without the Time Warner buildings visible above the tree line- I had no sense of direction. I didn't know which way I was headed. I had to look for the buildings lining the west side, and took my exit there. On my way out, I watched some families enjoying their sleds on a small hill. Nearby some older kids were attempting to build a snow man. The snow wasn't quite the packing kind, but they'd managed a few attempts.


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see your photo! Let me know when you upload them. I bet Central Park was just magical.

  2. It was very a way that cannot be described with words. It was a silent type of magical...the kind of winter day that you really remember (the kind you long for on the hottest days of summer).


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