Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shake Shack lunch

Some time ago, perhaps over a year, we went to a place in Madison Square Park called the Shake Shack. It was quite good, and had the long line to prove it. A few weeks ago we happened across a new Shake Shack branch in our neck of Manhattan, near the Museum of Natural History. E was rather excited to go, primarily because he wanted the frozen custard (which turns out to be pretty good, but custard doesn't sound all that appetizing to me; even having tasted it now, I find the name unappealing).

If you're going to go to Shake Shack, at either location, you need a plan. Do not assume a table with be open for you when you have your food tray full in hand. Have a member of your party find and reserve the seats (this member must be prepared to sit by her/himself and repeatedly wave off other patrons as seats are at a minimum), while another member does the ordering. People who wait in line and come to the seating area with food in hand must often wait (while their food gets cold). Having a plan lets you eat your food while it's still pleasantly hot.

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