Saturday, February 7, 2009

Successful haircut but at what price?

I am pleased with the haircut I got today, though it is pretty short. E thinks it reminds him of how I looked when we met. It was cheap too, by NYC standards. Less than $50 with tip. BUT I had to listen to horrible, awful, loud music. And when I wasn't listening to that, I had to listen to the stylist next to me talking to his client about stuff that you JUST DONT HEAR ABOUT in small towns. The store had several old people getting their hair done in too young for them styles, wearing too much/too bright make up...and it seemed that no matter where I was looking I was making eye contact with one of these folks, or with the lady next to me, who was engaged with the stylist, who was talking about things that I'm still blushing about. I was decidedly uncomfortable to be sure.

I declined the stylist's suggestion for a hair dry (it was one of those places where they wash your hair, cut it, then tell you that if you want it dried you'll have to pay extra). They did let me sit under a hair dome thingy that dries hair- but frankly the cut is so short it was dry before I'd finished texting E that I was almost done. The stylist was not interested in taking the time to know me. He wanted me out of his chair as soon as possible.

In short, I got a cut that I can live with, at a price that I can live with, but with pretty crappy service. For that price though, I'll put up with it. If I want service with a smile, I'll have to pay two times as much.

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