Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gremlins in my work computer

I refuse to admit that all of the errors in my work file from the last three days are operator error. It must be some gremlin colony planning on taking over the world, starting with my computer here at BIG INC.

In the mean time, I have little that I can tell you that wouldn't bore you to tears. Unless of course you like to hear about pivot tables, countif formulas, vlookup formulas, and if/then formulas, mixed in with some concatenate formulas and something like a hundred thousand rows of data to apply the formulas to.

Have I mentioned how cool the people I work with are? No one is angry at me for my the gremlin's errors, no one is stressed even though we're behind schedule. Everyone wants to make sure that not only is the data correct but also that I understand the process. If I could remember how to write an ode, I'd write an ode to my boss here at BIG INC, or my team, or both.

In the mean time, if anyone knows a gremlin removal formula, that would be a great thing to share with me...

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