Monday, April 27, 2009

Imagining a conversation.

Friday at close of business:

"Good job arranging that photo op for Monday, Lieutenant!"
"Thank you Captain!"
"The FAA cleared the whole thing, right?"
"Yes sir, you asked that already, and the answer is still yes, sir."
"Good. I know I'm being a bit of a micro manager, but we can't have anyone thinking the worst."
"What would they think sir, it's two F16s and a 747 flying by the Statue of Liberty. I would think they would be amazed and proud! I mean, F16s! Air Power! Urah!"
"Lieutenant, it's New York City we're talking about. Imagine if we didn't tell the FAA, and the hard working citizens of the city thought it was another 9/11. A military 747 doesn't look all that different from a civilian 747. "

Puzzled silence from the Lieutenant.

"But sir, the citizens, they don't exactly get daily memos from the FAA. How are they going to know?"
"I'm sure the FAA will send out a news blurb before hand. The department of defense isn't responsible for such things. Have a good weekend, LT."

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  1. I just read about what happened via yahoo news!! Holy cow what idiots!


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