Sunday, April 26, 2009

March of Dimes

So, E and I did the whole March of Dimes thing today. I almost chickened out. First, yesterday, I thought I'd gotten the days mixed up and that I'm missed it (and was both horrified and relieved at that possibility). Then this morning I was thinking, no one will really miss me if I don't go...
But I had agreed to go on a team led by Marinka, and E was coming with me, so, no big deal, right?
Did I mention I'm not too fond of crowds?

Did I mention I hate small talk with strangers?

Did I mention I feel super awkward meeting new people?

Yeah, my comfort zone was WAY stretched today.

We were near the back end - so when we would look down the street- we'd see people as far as we could see.

We got separated from our group Walk For Maddie pretty quickly, which is ok. I thought everyone was lovely, but they were strangers and it was frankly just as awkward fun as meeting strangers and doing the small talk thing, except that you're supposed to have some sort of connection because you read blogs- not necessarily each other's blogs.

The route had us walk down the East side, which E and I have done a few times- even the same length. So we knew where the best bathroom stops would be.

Getting separated from the group meant that we were able to step out of the walk and use the restrooms at a Starbucks and get some waters.

And it meant that when I was ready to stop for various physical limitations, and of course to use the ladies' room again, we were able to slip out of the walk and hit the bookstore's restroom without feeling like we had to make excuses or get involved with awkward goodbyes.

After a restroom break we caught a cab and went to Five Guys Burgers And Fries.
Their food is awesome.
The music in the store too loud and somewhat obnoxious
but the food was awesome.

We ordered two small burgers and two fries. Apparently two orders of fries are the equivalent of four because when we emptied the bag we pulled out way more than two cups of fries.

After that we came home and drank a ton of water and napped. I'm happy to report that we both managed to have adequate sunscreen coverage for our morning's adventure.

Then we did a little bit of panicing about Swine Flu because some folks in Queens managed to contract it. It's just what we needed - we finally stopped freaking out because of the economy, so obviously we needed something else to freak out about.

If anyone needs me, I'm washing my hands.


  1. I'm glad you had a good weekend.
    You just take care and stay away from anyone that even looks remotely sick...and wash your hands...and cary sanitizer! You take care of that baby...your immune system is down while you're pregnant. I will keep you all in my prayers. Stay safe!

  2. I'm glad you loved the food at five guys. I am a corporate trained for the company and I keep five guys on my google alert. Did you know michelle Obama recently mentioned us during a press conference? Woohoo! As for the music, it should be at a comfortable volume playing classic rock only.
    Thanks again!


  3. Ooohhhh, so that's why we get along! We both hate crowds of strangers and small talk. Still, though... good for you for going and doing the walk.

    I love me some good burgers and fries and would personally be in Heaven if given extra fries. I LOVE french fries. Sigh.

    Everytime I've felt carsick over the last couple days, I've thought I was coming down with the Swine flu and wouldn't that be just awesome, stuck up on a mountain as I was.


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