Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MMM cake

This weekend was lovely. Saturday we went for a short bike ride. We rode along the west side - they have a dedicated bike lane (it sometimes is multi use, with walkers and skaters). We rode down to Chelsea Piers and back. I had thought there was an ice cream stand there, but maybe that's set up in hotter months. It was only around 4 miles round trip, but it was just perfect. It had been over 2 years, maybe even closer to 3 at this point since we rode. Our tushes were not used to the seats, that's for sure!

Sunday I made a cake. I have been wanting to make one from scratch for a while, I even have this huge Cake Bible book my MIL gave me once. I got some new round cake pans while we were getting new pillows from Bed Bath and Beyond, so I was excited to do a layered cake.

We even have a cake stand that we'd been given as an engagement or wedding gift. We've never once used it, so it was nice to pull it out. I remembered to put wax paper around the edges so it wouldn't be too messy.

I brought the rest of the cake in to work today. E might have eaten the entire thing by the end of the week. He was really enjoying it- but this type of thing doesn't keep fresh for long, so I sliced it up and wrapped each slice in clear wrap. It helped that the cake was refrigerated - the frosting was firm.

The frosting is not from scratch. I am intimidated by frosting. Next time I will use a box mix for the cake- I just didn't feel like the end result was worth the work- and I'll try my mom's frosting recipe.

I know it's only Tuesday, but my brain is already looking to this weekend. The weather is going to be fantastic. Sunny and warm- but not too warm. We're thinking of taking a picnic to Central Park to shepherd's meadow- or sheep's meadow, on Saturday. And on Sunday we're participating in the March of Dimes.
The week's weather, on the other hand, is cool and wet. Ick. This May is going to have some wicked outburst of flowers, that's all I can say.


  1. Oh my gosh, that cake looks amazing! The frosting is so perfectly smooth. I am impressed and seriously dying for a piece.

  2. Mmmmmmmm....that cake looks SO tasty! :)


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