Friday, April 17, 2009

Things that grow

I love watching things grow.

This is a bean plant. My theory is it doesn't hurt to try to grow beans in my apartment. We get awesome light almost all day long.
I also planted three cherry tomato plants. The two of those that have poked through the soil are so thin, I couldn't get a good picture of them.

I used a plastic container that once held salad, made it a green house by keeping the top on to trap the water. I placed tooth picks near where I put the seeds.
It's so lovely to see them sprouting.

I am guessing that at some point I would need to transplant each plant to a larger, deeper container. I don't know though- if I leave it in a shallow container, will it have a smaller plant?

I also bought some potted herbs. We got garlic chives, dill, and oregano.

And lastly, I couldn't help but get an Aloe plant. They're hard to kill. I am going to get a bigger pot to put it in.

Spring and early summer are when I most want a yard to plant things in. I would love to grow strawberries and cucumbers, Eggplant would be neat. I love the smell of mint growing, though I rarely use it in cooking. Watermelons would be the coolest...

If we didn't have cats, I would have something growing on every window shelf we have (small things- obviously watermelons would be left for the professionals with yards). As it is, the kitchen it is the only place in the apartment where I have managed to discourage the cats from jumping on to counters /window sills. So for now I must be content to grow that which fits on my kitchen window sill.

This morning when I looked at my two bean plants (the third seed doesn't seem to be interested in sprouting)- one of them was free from the seed's shell and had the beginnings of a leaf unfurling. Such wonderful things, plants!


  1. If you want the bean to grow big enough to even make beans, it will have to be in a bigger pot. Not sure how it will work, though, but you're right. Doesn't hurt to try. :) But no, to keep a plant (say an aloe) in a smaller pot, you would have to cut it back or prune it or whatever to keep it from getting too big for the pot...If a plant puts out smaller plants next to it, you can always remove it, repot it, and give it to someone. Seems like aloes do that well. But all in all, you really need a yard. LOL :) You want to grow things so badly, I can tell. :) I'm getting ready to plant my garden, hopefully this week. Come on over, I'll put you to work. LOL :)

  2. I've already re potted the two bean plants, though just into the pots that the herbs came in. I suppose I'll eventually have to move them to even larger pots. But maybe if I do it a little at a time, E won't notice pots taking over the kitchen?


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