Thursday, April 16, 2009

hidden talents

When I was a little girl, I remember having these dreams that I would one day do something important. It might be curing the world's worst disease, or discovering something rare and precious... my imagination was limitless as to how this would happen.

One specific instance that I recall is from when we lived in base housing in Germany. I had found some tiny colored pebbles near the playground. The colors were so varied and so beautiful, I was just sure I had found something new and amazing.

I gathered up as many as I could and made my way back to our apartment. On my way there I imagined how my discovery would change the world.

I don't remember who told me my discovery was something as ordinary as aquarium rocks. I had never seen aquarium disappointment was a fleeting as a thought- I was in perhaps first or second grade and easily distracted.

I can't say that I'm not still hoping to one day have a hidden talent discovered, or perhaps discover something important that would change the world for the better. My expectations are much more realistic however. I know I won't be the one to cure cancer or MS or any number of medical challenges we face (but I can and do donate to the charities looking to do just that). I doubt I will ever find something rare and precious that would wow the world. That's ok.

I have some talents, you have some talents- we all have some talents that we share with the world. It's easy to forget when you're meeting someone for the first time- physically or virtually- that we all bring something special to the table.

Today I was reading accounts about Susan Boyle. I couldn't watch the video at work, so I wondered all day, just how good was this woman? I quickly found my way to Youtube as soon as I was at home and not at work, and listened to her sing.

I nearly cried. I have heard this song sung live in performances- and if not for all the clapping going on in the audience, I could have mistaken her performance for one done during the musical.

In a world with lots of unhappy tidings, I just wanted to share something bright with you.

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