Thursday, April 16, 2009

One of those days

I'm having "one of those days."

What kind of "one of those days," you ask?

One of those days where you want nothing more than a nap but somehow simultaneously want to DO GREAT THINGS and primarily accomplish that with AWESOME feats of awesomeness involving creativity and hard work (as long as that hard work doesn't also include perseverance-this is an instant gratification type feeling).

One of those days where you can feel tears just wanting to be shed, but at the same time where you are so randomly happy about things (like's amazing), that you're almost giddy.

So, there is no real description for this type of "one of those days."

Instead of dwelling on this, I'd like to share with you a few things from today.

This is today's Frazz strip:
(You may need to click the link to see the words. For some reason they seem to really want you to see their material on their sanctified websites.)

It made me think that I need to ask E how to pronounce the Latin referenced. Because how cool would it be to pop that quote out when asked a question?

While I was attending a Web based training session on a topic I know pretty well, I found myself reverting back to my high school doodler phase:

There is no point in sharing this.

And finally, if you've never tried and you do any or all of your banking with places that have online access- boy do you need to check it out.

First, I love that it's free. Plus they always are looking for ways to save you money. I ignore these, because I am very happy with my checking account and credit card etc, but they are always saying, hey, look- if you use this card you could get more money back, or if you use this checking account they reward you more.

Second, I just love the mathematical possibilities with I used to have an Excel sheet with a tab for every month detailing the income and out flow of our money, complete with line graphs and out year predictions. (Yes, I'm a geek like that). doesn't do line graphs and out year predictions, but it does have all kinds of nifty stuff. First, you can put everything on there. If you have investments (like ROTH IRA and also like stocks) and checking and credit cards, a house, a car, you name it, if it is a debtor you pay or a source of income/an asset- they can track it for you. Way cool. Then they track your spending trends. I can see how much I spend at Starbucks by month, by several months, or by year. They break out your spending into a pie chart that looks like- well a pie chart of course. But you can adjust the pie chart to show a month, two months, a year- whatever.

And if you're like me and want to play with the numbers more- you can export all the data into Excel.

To top it off, you can get emails/texts alerting you to unusual spending (it's much quicker than Equifax alerts), and a weekly balance message. I love it. isn't perfect- it sometimes categorizes things incorrectly. And one day (out of the months and months we've been using it) they had a glitch where every expenditure was doubled (so were all the credits- it balanced out but was freaky to see). All things considered, it's a great tool.

Now I have shared this amazing financial device with you.

On another topic-
Is it the weekend yet?

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  1. I like your bird. Kind of odd though, as Little Bit is watching the show "Peep" on TV right now. :)


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