Monday, March 28, 2011

one year

It's been one year since I parted ways with BIG INC

I can't imagine working in a job like that ever again- and not just because it wasn't a good fit for me or the company.

I can't imagine sitting at a desk all day- speaking maybe to one person, and even then usually through IM.

I can't imagine rushing out of the house in the morning to drop Ranger off at daycare- a service that ate up an entire paycheck for me. I can't imagine rushing home to meet E and Ranger, while still carrying my work laptop with plans to do more work that night.

I can't imagine even taking seriously the "importance" of most of what statistical analysts are asked to work on. It's treated as such a big deal, but no one is shooting at you, you're not operating on someone, and people just need to calm the heck down already.

I'm not saying I will never work again. I just can't see me doing that type of work in those circumstances.

Since leaving, I have watched my baby go from this:

To this:

Every. Single. Day. I was there.
So in many ways, BIG INC did me a favor.

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  1. There is no job more demanding and certainly not more rewarding than being a mama. :) And you're not the only one reaping the benefits. Your baby is, too. :) More so than you probably even realize. My mother stayed home with me, so I can honestly say that I know that helped me in so many ways, ways I won't even go into here. (You don't want to read for an hour. LOL) I realize it doesn't always work out, but when it does, it's worth every single sacrifice and every sweet moment (and crazy hectic one) you get to be there with (and for) them. :)


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