Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adventure day

Today Ranger went on an adventure. I threw the bare necessities into a back pack and we BOTH walked to the bus stop for the Q23. And by both of us walking I mean we did not bring the stroller!

We rode all the way (25min or so) to Woodhaven. What is at Woodhaven we wanted to go to? Micheal's and Trader Joe's (though our purpose for Trader Joe's, fruit, yielded nothing worth carrying home). Ranger was great. We had a quick lunch at Wendy's and hit Micheal's first. I am proud to say we came out with only one extra thing from our list- a wooden train cut out ($.99).

Like I said, I didn't see anything I wanted to carry home at Trader Joes (if we'd had a car maybe I would have gotten some cereal. It's hard to pass up $2 a box).

I had so carefully made sure I knew how to get there. But realized quickly I had not been so smart about the return trip. I ended up crossing my fingers and getting back on at the exact place I had gotten off. Luckily the route was circular and we got here we wanted to go. The only hitch on the way back was the loud obnoxious teens. Ranger didn't care, but I sorely wanted to wash their mouths out.

It was a nice outing. I now know how to get there AND back. And I bet Ranger's nap goes long this afternoon. He loved not being confined to the stroller.

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