Saturday, May 2, 2009

Growing Beans

I'm not sure how long it is until beans actually show up, but the plants now have larger pots and wire hangers to cling to.
The tomato plants are still pretty little. But I gave them new pots too. And I gave the aloe plant a new pot- it had sprouted two new plant starters already!
Plants are so much fun.

That playground/park in the background is limited access for those who live in the buildings across from us. We just get to enjoy the green scenery.

Cool background, huh? Can you tell we live 23 floors up?


  1. This is cool. I didn't know you could grow beans indoors like this!

  2. just make sure to keep giving them plant food (like miracle grow) or they will use up all their nutrients in the potting soil and and turn yellow-y. Basically, not a healthy plant. Oh, and you still may need a bigger pot before it's over with. shrug.
    They look good, though. Finally planted my garden. I'll show you it when it comes up.
    right now it's mostly dirt and some tomato plants. :)


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