Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Friday the First

In all of the big cities I've visited (or in the case of NYC, lived), there are always these hidden treasures.

Like this waterfall public outdoor seating area. Anyone can go in there and sit- there is a coffee stand you can order from, or if you're feeling hungry, a Burger Heaven right next door. It's not a spot tourists would even know to look for, much less flock to in droves. And the water makes a lovely white whooshing noise that can make you forget about the cars in the street and the guy talking loudly on his cell phone.

The trees do have leaves, but I couldn't quite manage to capture the new, tiny green leaves and still get the white chairs and tables, which I thought made the whole thing so inviting.
I look forward to a summer day when I can walk the half a block to this spot and just enjoy the summer sun and some fresh air.


  1. You don't know how bad you make me want to revisit the city. Sigh. If only I were rich. And not afraid to be stuck on a plane with someone who might be carrying the swine flu. Oh wait. It's the N1H1 flu now. Or A1N1... or something consisting of letters and numbers. Whatever!

  2. This is lovely. I've never been to NY. Looking at this picture you can't even tell it's in the city! Nice!


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