Thursday, April 30, 2009


I had this whole post written and ready to go, and then I didn't post it. I had work to do and wanted to read it through for typos before I published it. So I hit save and went on about my day.
Then I went back and read it.
Boy I was snarky!
The whole topic was supposed to be some what tongue in cheek,

So I have five minutes left before I have to leave and want to post something today, and I am NOT getting on the computer tonight. I promised E some us time, no facebook, no email, no blog... we may watch a tv program or something, but bottom line I'll be doing something *somewhat* interactive (I know watching tv isn't interactive, but we cuddle and sprawl intertwined on the couch, so that counts).
I thinking.
Need something positive to say.
Still thinking.
Tomorrow starts a new month! There's a bit of lovely goodness to be excited about. I mean, who doesn't like MAY? I graduated in may, earned my commission in May, and five of my favorite people were born in May! What's not to like?

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  1. You made me smile. :) I'm taking the liberty of assuming I'm one of the five...if I'm not...don't tell me. :)


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